Hello! Meet

Stacey Champagne

Welcome to the personal website of Stacey Champagne, the place for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the life of an independent, creative, multi-passionate entrepreneur.

From dog sitting and Etsy selling, to running a creative design and consulting business with over thirty individuals and brands served, I’m here to share what’s worked and what hasn’t, as well as showcase all of the amazing opportunities my hard work has afforded me. I’m also here to help you do the same, because there’s no better feeling than thriving in a life you’ve built and love!

I’ve chased business ideas since I was in grade school and worked in many different industries including fashion, design, education, and tech. Sometimes I would juggle two, three, even four different ventures–all while in school or working a full-time job!

The hustle is addicting.

Today I manage a healthy mix of managing and writing for Cyberly, designing apparel and accessories for Bubbly & Company, selling for Chloe + Isabel, and combating cybercrime as a cyber forensic investigator at Capital One. I always squeeze in time for girls nights, concerts, or exploring someplace new. Travel is my favorite escape as well as the gym or yoga studio, and I am as equally motivated in my fitness as I am my businesses.